Thursday, 26 March 2020

Summer Sweet II Stitchscape Kit

I started to upload the photos of my Summer Sweet II kit onto my blog to share the details of the kit itself, only to realise I never shared the initial photos of the finished Stitchscape!!!
This Stitchscape is a re-design of my first Summer Sweet kit, which was actually the very first kit I ever designed, and uses all of the same templates and a lot of the same fabrics as before. The main reason for my needing to re-design this kit is because the floral fabric I initially used I couldn't get hold of anymore so I had to find a substitute.

It was also an opportunity to work out any little bits of the kit that I had received comments about or suggestions on improvement. Unfortunately this will only be a limited run of 20 because I've now discovered that most of the other fabrics are also now unavailable, which isn't a huge surprise as I first started doing this three years ago in 2017, so I will have to start collecting other fabrics and will redesign it all again! Summer Sweet III anyone?

I have changed a couple of little things from the previous design (see the first Summer Sweet blog post here), the sun is now filled with seed stitches rather than little satin stitches and I've made the cross stitches bigger for the blue square fabric behind the sun as that was a comment I'd previously received where they were too small. Everything else about the top layers stays the same, although I have added additional diagrams in the kit booklet to help explain what I mean in certain areas.

The big change is the bottom floral fabric as I couldn't find a more similar one to the original. I really love the sweet little daisies in this layer and each daisy pattern will be different in every kit. I've also added in a new thread colour so you now get 11 different colours of thread in a combination of DMC and Anchor stranded cottons. Due to a popular demand for trimmings, this layer is edged with a couched strip of 1mm yellow leatherette cord which is blended back in to the landscape by stitching the daisy flowers over it where they fall off the fabric edge and also stitching the green stems for the bullion knot flowers over it in any gaps in the flowers. This arrangement will also stay totally unique as each kit will have different gaps in the daisies.

I really hope that you like my re-worked version of Summer Sweet - I don't think there's any harm in purchasing the second one if you have already stitched up the first, it's almost like you have stitched the same scene but at different times of year when the flowers are different in the field. Perhaps I should try and do a winter version where everything is covered in snow? Winter Sweet doesn't work quite as well as a name though.

So this kit is up and ready to go on Etsy and once they're gone, they're gone - never to be repeated!! As before you get all instructions, fabrics and threads within your kit, but you will need your own 15cm/6" embroidery hoop (or you can now purchase these as a separate product from my Etsy shop in the Embroidery Kit section), sewing cotton to neaten the back and your regular sewing tools. Separate template pages are included if you want to use them or feel free to just dive in with the scissors and make your own version!

As always, I love seeing the finished results so do send in photos of your finished pieces!! Or if you have any questions along the way just drop me a message on any of my social media platforms.

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