Saturday, 2 May 2020

Etsy Stitchscape Pendants

I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts that I have been taking a lot of photos of Stitchscape products to add to my shop and make it more pretty. These aren't new products, they were made last year, but never made it into my Etsy shop as they usually come with me to shows and events as stock to sell there. As all events have been cancelled for the foreseeable future, I have now photographed them and added them to my shop.

These are all hand stitched pendants in a variety of shapes and sizes but all under 6cm wide at any point. I have used my favourite flower embroidery techniques and, much like the Stitchscape pebbles, they used up odds and ends of threads so the colours don't always match.

The embroideries were all worked in big hoops, having drawn around the inner wooden circle that comes with the wooden hoop set. Once stitched, the embroidery gets cut out and stitched around the centre wooden block. This then gets put in to and tightened in the hoop and a wooden backing piece glued on the back to secure everything into place. The hoops are advertised as a novelty jewellery type thing but you could also just hang these from the ribbon as a really tiny little embroidered flower garden piece.

I just really love the photos of these pieces and had great fun setting up little photoshoots all over the place. I do have a photo booth box type thing with a couple of lights that can be positioned either side of the fabric of the box for diffused lighting, but if the weather is right outside (sunny but not too sunny, slightly overcast but not dark (and definitely not raining!)) then I'll go out there as natural light tends to be better.

There is something for everyone I hope and they can all be found in Etsy (although there's only one of each so if you dally, you might miss out!) - the link to which is on the right hand side of the page.

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