Saturday, 2 May 2020

The Last Bluebell Hurrah

The Bluebells have truly been glorious this year - both in my local woodland (see here) and also in our garden. Dad is the main gardener of the household and he's more than happy for it to be slightly wild looking so we've ended up with more natural areas that are chocca full of Bluebells and can be seen in great patches from both the front and back of the house.
These first images are from the back of the house where we really get the evening sunshine coming through, making the flowers glow and outlining the petals in a halo of light.

These will only last for another week if that, and we have a huge patch in the front garden where it's more sheltered that have already gone over. They'll be left for a little while to go to seed and to absorb nutrients back into the bulbs ready for next year.

I think I'll always remember this quiet, lockdown period as being filled with Bluebells. It has been so lovely to have their company through this hard time. We humans might be all over the place at the moment but nature will plod on regardless on her own yearly course.

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