Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Farmyard Pebbles

I was recently asked to create some pebbles with either a chicken or a cow theme which gave me a great opportunity to get out my little collection of Lewis & Irene " Small Things At The Farm" fabrics. The "Small Things" collections also include sea themes, motor vehicles, pets, country creatures, crafts.... but my favourite is the farmyard as it includes sheep (not the Woollydale sheep), pigs, horses, cows and chickens. The latter two being my most favourite.

Due to the size of the pebbles it turns out I can fit a cow and a half on a large pebble, and a single cow on the little size. Not a lot needs to be done to these little pocket pebbles as I don't want to over-do the animals and simply go around them or enhance them with a single strand of embroidery thread, just to bring them out a bit more from the background.
Most of the work has gone into the top layers which are more hedgerow themed and I've worked french knot tapers, bullion knots, fly stitch leaves and lazy daisies (detached chain stitch flowers) into a little tangle of flora.

I think I prefer the pebble bottom with the seed stitch adding more of a texture, but the top half with the daisies on. Maybe I’ll do another hoop full and mix things up- I was thinking of making the tops different colours as well, it was all very natural looking this time round.

The chickens have been done in much the same way, although they've had less put into the top because of their small size. These pebbles are all about character and I love the two hen pebbles which almost look like they are chatting away to each other!

A tiny one strand, one twist french knot has been worked on every spot in the fabric and a single strand of thread works around the animals, matching the colours underneath. The French knots are barely visible but they add lovely texture if you run your fingers over it.

 This little cow pebble has already been reserved but I will be listing the others in my Etsy shop this week. I have been asked for more ladybird pebbles too so will have to start a hoop full with those, plus maybe some robins? I’m feeling little creature pebbles at the moment. 

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