Friday, 30 August 2013

Come Into The Garden

Afternoon my Lovelies!! Phew, it has been a bit erratic in Dotty Land recently and I'm afraid the blog has suffered a bit. Still, we are slowly making a leisurely comeback with some fresh-out-the-oven, gooey flapjack made by The Sister and some cute little inchie creations.

I started these inchies last week some time and have been carrying them around in my bag to whip them out whenever I have a spare five minutes. The fabric bases were patch-worked on the machine and then divided up and embellished. I have been mounting them onto card to make them a bit stronger and still have lOtS to do!

Loving the garden at the moment, would you like to join me in a stroll round? Grab a cuppa (and some flapjack if you have it, or another form of cake if you prefer) and come wander round with me, I will show you my favourite flowers.

This kiwi plant greets us whenever we get home and I love it! We haven't trained it into this arch, it just decided to do it itself although we will probably have to direct it into some sort of order over the winter. It appears to be making friends with the bushes in the opposite flower beds and has latched onto them. No flowers this year though, I think it is sulking (we had two flowers- its first ever- last year during that incredibly windy spring, and the poor things blew off!!), maybe next year though. Currently it is a shelter for little insects and baby snails.

It is almost like the flowers know that summer is drawing reluctantly to a close and they are giving out one last burst of loveliness to last us through the winter. Long may the summer continue!!!

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