Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Sheffield Park

Good Afternoon Everyone!!! I didn't realise that I hadn't written a blog post for an entire week so I do apologise- I have been very busy with shopping days for birthdays, the birthdays and parties themselves, evenings spent playing stoolball, family occasions, just getting Sims3 (fabulous game!! Although I admit I cheat a lot with the money and just build extravagant houses instead), family days out and pirate themed craft days (more on that later).
Aren't these flower photos gorgeous?! They are hydrangeas at Sheffield Park where we went on a family walk with my Grandad yesterday. He has one of these in his garden and has offered to pot on one for me so I am very excited! I love the blend of colours and tones combined with the different textures in just one flower head!!

Today I was very creative and messy as I had to make examples for our carnival activity day on Thursday with the Rainbows/Brownies/Guides/Senior Section. I can't remember if I have mentioned our being in the carnival this year before but we have a pirate theme and I have had several meetings about what the girls can make and do to decorate our float. The Internet and Pinterest have been an invaluable resource as I discovered paper plate pirates!!!

What do you think of the parrot??! Not my own design, I saw a very similar one on the web and loved it instantly so made my own!! I really like this little activity, great to do with the kids.
Our float is being turned into a pirate ship, so of course we wanted it to sail and I have designed some fishes to swim around in the waves and sparkle. I am quite pleased with them!!

Oh and I must just tell you, the little sleepy ewe won by Christine (Krishenka's Vintage Treasures) has arrived at it's destination- France!! And she has written a lovely blog post about it and me, which is here if you would like to go and check it out!!

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