Saturday, 17 August 2013

Harriet & Hamilton Go To London Zoo

Hello!! I am delighted to introduce you to some new travelling hamster companions!! These little critters really are taking over the world!! Regular readers will remember the ill fated Holly, a brave little hamster who decided to stay behind in Cannes on her own. Well her travel partner, Amy, decided to make herself a new travel companion called Harriet!! Say hello Harriet!! *Says hello in a small squeaky voice* (too much?).
Not only am I delighted to introduce you to Harriet, but last year Amy made another hamster for her Mum, Mary, in one of my craft sessions, you may not remember him (click here for a reminder) as he didn't have a name at the time, but he has now been christened Hamilton!! That does have a certain ring to it doesn't it? Harriet & Hamilton, travel buddies!
Amy, Mary and H & H have been doing a lot of travelling up to London recently and I was sent quite a few photos of their days out, in chronological order and with subtitles that I will share with you (Amy's the one who has just qualified as a can tell can't you?). The above photo is Harriet being very excited on the train to London!!

 Both hamsters on the bus.

 In the queue at London Zoo (oooh that rhymes!!).
 Hamilton at the otter pool.

Harriet with the meerkats. 

 Hamilton with the giraffes.
 Lol, oh and here's Harriet with them as well!
 Zoo going is thirsty work you know!! Feeding time I think.
 A yummy pizza lunch!!
 Harriet with the Llamas and Alpacas.
 Hamilton with a camel.
 Harriet 'not yet threatened' by a vulture. (A jolly good thing too!)
 Hamilton enjoying the flowers.
 Harriet's enjoying them too!
 Harriet with the penguins.
 Watching the penguin's feeding time.
Making new friends with Rocky the Rockhopper penguin!
Hamilton with a new gorilla friend!
Golly, seems like they had a wonderful time at the zoo!! Join Amy, Mary and H & H tomorrow when they will be off to Buckingham Palace (don't forget to wear a hat!!).

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