Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Devon Holiday:: Days 6-8

Welcome to the final days of the holiday!! I hope you have enjoyed our journey so far!

Day Six: Fossil Hunting!! We went to Charmouth beach which is renowned for it's fossils, and does hunting tours, which from the looks of things were very successful! The beach started out nearly empty, but as we wandered along we were suddenly sWaMpEd with enthusiastic fossil hunters; seal-able bags and hammers in hand, bashing up everything in sight in hopes of discovering a new dinosaur.

I wasn't really there for the fossils. I was hunting my own treasures in the form of sea glass!! And I found LOTS!! Also, very excitingly, there was an old Victorian dump which had slid down in a landslide onto the beach. It was too dangerous to climb on the landslip (and very muddy!!) but there were a few bits of pottery that you could pull out of the side or pick up from the rockpools. I had a lovely time cleaning them up when I got back to the holiday cottage. The patterns on them are really lovely!!

And I found some sea washed ceramics!!

As well as a few fossils (the family found lots more; ammonites, belemnites, and some things we aren't sure what they are!)...

Day Seven: We went to Seaton Tramway in (surprisingly) Seaton. It ended up taking the entire day as you could buy a day's ticket for £1 more than a return ticket and we thought we might as well get our moneys worth. The tram below was built in Eastbourne and was absolutely mInIsCuLe!!!!

The stairs were hilarious to get up as you had to wiggle your shoulders through and twist and turn until you could get the rest of you up . Getting down was just as thrilling.

The tramway takes you from Seaton through Colyford and ends at Colyton where there is a shop and café. We ended up getting the same Number 6 tram there and back even though there were 5 trams running that day, so decided to wait around for a different one (hopefully, slightly bigger!!) It was a good day!!

Day Eight: Leaving day! We had done most of the packing the night before and were out of the house by 9!!


We waved goodbye to our corner holiday house. Bye to the plate collection in the dining area. And a very thankful bye to the scary narrow and deadly-in-the-middle-of-the-night-and-early-morning stairs.

I didn't take many photos on this day, mainly the one below when we pulled in to a farm shop to wait for Beer Quarry Caves to open.

The caves were fascinating with all kinds of interesting tales of people and adventures, right from the time of the Romans!! After we had removed our yellow hard hats, it was back in the car and further towards home, stopping briefly at Kingston Lacy for lunch. Kit was gratifyingly pleased to see us which was nice, the poor chap seems to think we are leaving him again as he still follows us around the house and gets upset when he is by himself for long periods of time. Bless him, aren't cats lovely? (Ziggy of course couldn't care less!)

So there we have it!! I hope you enjoyed your virtual Devon holiday, tomorrow it will be a bit more crafty as I have some little Devon makes to show you, and a catch up on various purchases and some exciting post!! See you then! xx

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  1. Gorgeous pics of your holiday Beth and lovely finds on the beach too! Love the tram's so pretty (and those stairs are definitely steep!)
    Happy Thursday,
    Susan x