Thursday, 15 August 2013

Holiday Craft Catch-Up

Good Afternoon my Lovelies!! Well, goodness me!! That whizz round Devon was exhausting, a well deserved cup of coffee and freshly baked cheesy nibble (recipe is one from Attic24 and can be found here) is in order I think. Help yourself to one (or tea if you prefer) if you managed to keep up with it all!! But ssssh, do it quietly please, Kit is taking a nap!

So I have shown you all around our Devonshire visits and our on-the-move activities, but I haven't yet shown you what happened in our downtime. Snuggled in the holiday cottage in the balmy evenings or tucked up in bed not quite ready to go to sleep. My below makes were inspired by the success of the Sleepy Ewes, and I have to tell you, they have become great friends so I'm thinking of pairing them up!! Right then, without further ado, I would like to introduce you lovely readers to....


Porky Piggle!!!

Whoops, do excuse that naughty one with his bottom turned, I will just have a quick word and sort him out...

Much better.

They are the same size as the Sleepy Ewes and have very cute floppy ears. Look, they've flopped right over his eyes!!

I didn't want to get bored with just the Porky Piggles for company so I also took some threads and a hoop to play with. It's not finished but I thought I would share anyway- maybe some of you have some advice as I'm not really sure where to go with it other than putting in a lot of cute and tiny lazy daisies and maybe some French knot sprays.

Oooo, did you notice the lovely colours behind the hoop in the first picture? This leads me nicely on to the next part of my post where I show you some of the things that have been pushed aside or bought recently- let me just make them up into a sort of display...

Ok, so from the left, we have a lovely little Sass & Belle owl that I found in Jeremy's Home Store in the sale!! The blue glass is a lovely late birthday present from my friend Amy (good for early morning orange juice!!), the badges are a sign of ebay weakness and will soon be joining the other hundreds of accumulated ebay badges on my camp blanket!! The gladioli were a Tesco weakness (they are still on offer, what can I say?) and the fabrics were from Fabric Land- now some of those I did need for my summer project (I admit they weren't all necessary....but pretty!!).

The rug was a £4 Tiger buy- four pounds!! I ask you, practically giving it away.

The colours of these gladioli are simply stunning. The purple is so rich and deep and perfectly compliments the white which is slowly catching up in number of open blooms.

I am loving the gorgeous textured neutral fabrics. They were bought to go with my summer project which no doubt I will reveal to you when I can get my act together and do it properly (still very firmly in summer mode!), and the fabric bundles are such a bargain....I'm sure they will be used for something soon!

 (By Wendy)

I had some delicious eye candy post when we got back home, in the form of my Yellow ATC returns. Aren't these ones pretty?

 (By Paula)                                                 (By Annie)

And finally before I go, I must just show you what The Mother has been up to...

Isn't it pretty? I'm reliably told that these are Cathedral Windows, take forever, are very intricate and are all sewn by hand...Madness. She doesn't want to do any more of the windows to make it bigger so I have suggested making it into a patchwork quilt using this panel as the centrepiece. This idea wasn't met with much enthusiasm so I'm wondering whether any of you have a better idea?

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  1. What a wonderful cathedral window panel! How about making it into a cushion cover?