Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Devon Holiday:: Days 4 & 5

Evening All!! I've been looking through my holiday photos and reminiscing about the good times. Want to know what happened in days 4 and 5?

Day 4: It was decided that we would quite like to see a big waterfall, and The Mother remembered a place she had been several times before called Lydford Gorge. This has the Whitelady Waterfall at one end, and Devil's Cauldron at the other, and you can either opt to walk around the entire thing, or cheat and drive between sections (we cheated).

It was very lush and green, especially after the dramatic rainfall we had had previously! Luckily most of the water had flowed away, as the day before the place had been shut because the paths were buried under several feet of water!! You could hear the Whitelady before you saw it, and what a breath-taking sight when we rounded the corner!!

All sorts of things were growing there. As it was quite muggy and humid, you could almost imagine you were in the Amazon rain forest, where even money trees grow!

The gorge was also very impressive down at the other end, one minute the river was plodding along nicely and the next it was tumbling noisily over a channel of rocks with a thundering growl!

Some impressive creations had been made with the fruits of the forest.

For lunch we drove up onto Dartmoor and made a few horsey friends. The views were gorgeous! Especially with all the ponies and their foals in the foreground.

Someone got a little too friendly whilst in search of cheesy nibbles...

After extracting ourselves from the greedy four-leggeds, we stumbled across Pixieland- yes you read me correctly!! A land of pixies, and fairies, and gnomes...

Day Five: The Mother's birthday!! I stayed up rather late the evening before to set the table and make it look all nice, I had already completed my job as present ninja, buying wrapping paper and tape for the last minute gifts and hiding it all under my bed. Usually I try and make nice centrepieces although this time I didn't have a lot to work with. I am quietly chuffed with my efforts though- a nice oil bowl from the holiday home cupboard, some shells collected at Exmouth and Dad's growing collection of mint clippings.

This turned out to be another busy day and we started at A La Ronde, a very special and unique house with a fascinating surprise upstairs (I'm not going to spoil the secret, you will just have to go there yourself--or click on the link I suppose)!

We spent the afternoon cruising along the coast with Stuart Line Cruises, on their Jurassic Coast Cruise. It was warm and sunny and very pleasant watching all the birds and drinking coffee, bobbing along on the water.

We paused in our cruising to look at the Kittiwakes and Shags and Cormorants who are in nesting and breeding season. They can certainly make a lot of noise!!

There was a very awkward moment when we cruised past a nudist beach. Now I have nothing against nudism, but there were a few men who walked towards the waters edge to wave at us who could just as easily have waved when they had been sat down- especially when Dad insisted I photograph the below waterfall...which was positioned very close to a nudist couple...- could have been mistaken for my photographing them!! Very awkward.


Join me tomorrow for the final days, 6 to 8!! xx

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