Monday, 10 January 2011

New Beginnings

Well, the first post is always the most tense I think, the pressure to set your own style and not say something totally stupid- so hopefully it will go OK and encourage you to continue reading my rambles

I am a textile student, currently studying an Art Foundation course at Brighton City College and hoping to move on to do textile design at university (if anyone accepts me- that's always a worry, especially with the amazing competition out there! :S ). Being an art student I have been asked to make/ design some pretty wacky things- which I will post up on here to show you later on- but I am loving it all the same.

I have also become a member of the MixedMediaATC_UK group on Yahoo and am currently working on my first ATCs which is a bit nail biting as I am new to the whole swapping situation and the others all seem to be quite experienced and know what everyone else is talking about when the abbreviate in their emails.

So...I hope you enjoy reading my blog!! I would love it if you left comments or had any suggestions, please do follow me so you can find your way back (and so I know you are there!)!!!

Beth xx

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