Friday, 21 January 2011

Whip Stitch, Ribbons & Lace

Thankfully I have just finished a really busy week! Not only have I had to start a whole new project at college, but work more on all the other ones I have done ready for assessment and portfolio, and I have had two ATC deadlines to meet as well!!! I think for everyone's sanity, I will keep this post for my new ATCs and do another one for the new college project.
The ATCs this week were Whip Stitch and Ribbons & Lace. The whip stitch one caused a bit of controversy in my house as mum thought that it was a stitch which somehow wrapped around another one (eg, chain stitch) and I thought it was simply to join two pieces of fabric together- the might of the Internet seemed to agree with me so I went for that one, hope it was right (suggestions in the comment box please). I started in a bit of a panic quite late at night so literally grabbed the materials in the top of one of my boxes- which just so happened to be handmade paper (although not handmade by me), a few threads (including gold) and some fabric scraps- luckily the colours all went really nicely together.
When they were finished, they kind of reminded me of wheat fields with poppies in...abstract ones...what do you think?

I realise that my blanket stitch around the edge needs work (if you hadn't noticed how bad it is then you could skip that confession and move on :D ), how do you turn corners doing this stitch?!?!?!

The next lot of ATCs went quite well, I already had a fair idea of what I wanted to do and the title made it quite easy. A few years ago my mum gave me a few kits detailling how to make flowers out of wired ribbon, so I dug these out again and had another go as they are so pretty!

I might make a few more of these- maybe try different flowers (the one I have used here is a pansy if you hadn't guessed). If you are interested in getting one of these kits for yourself or for a friend (they are really good for a crafty person as they are really quick and easy to make and can be put onto almost anything!) then you can get them from Ribbonbox along with lots of other cute crafty bits and bobs.

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