Sunday, 16 January 2011

Textured Bark

I have been frantically trying to pull together loads of different projects over this weekend for an assessment next week (very important, if I fail I may get kicked off the course, so fingers crossed I have done enough!!), and have been making textures to go with my paper shoe. I used lots of fancy yarns which when all put together look fantastic! I didn't want to just stick with different browns to represent the bark- if you look closely at it, it generally isn't brown anyway- so some of the yarns I used have got green, gold, blue, red, orange...a whole variety! I think they look quite cool and they are certainly very touchable! Not sure how suitable they would actually be on a boot though...might get a bit messy in the winter or if they got wet.

 My first experiment before I added all the fancy yarns to it. Thought it might be interesting to actually put it in the place it was inspired by...

The one above is actually a load of the yarns stitched onto a big photo of bark which I think adds a really nice dimension to the whole piece- as well as adding depth...

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