Thursday, 16 February 2012


I have been telling you all for weeks that I am not enjoying the print roundabout as much as I know I will enjoy mixed media- and now I have proof!! My very talented friend Claire showed me some of her samples today and I was literally gobsmacked (she was probably a bit bemused by my enthusiasm to tell the truth, but I was very excited!)- they are absolutely beautiful and I have photos to show you!

 Most of them are combinations of machine stitching, hand embroidery and hand embellishment with a few other techniques thrown in for good measure.

 I really love the quirky nature of the layered sequins and beads peeking out through the pleats.

 The left hand one is a double layered piece, with sparkly sequins stitched onto the bottom layer and a heat transfered image of previous machine stitching experiments on the top. The right hand image shows some worked appliqúe.
Now we come to my absolute favourite piece, embellished with gorgeous machine stitched flowers (worked on water soluble fabric) which are just so delicate it takes your breath away. The cute beads also add a bit of sparkly magic to the piece.

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