Monday, 20 February 2012

The Final Hand In

So here we are, the post you have all been waiting for....OK well maybe not, but I have definitely been looking forwards to it. I cannot describe to you the feeling of having a huge weight lifted from my shoulders!! This hand in was much more relaxed than the construct project, but I was still up quite early to make sure it all got in on time and I didn't forget anything- I was very sneaky sneaky and waited until most of the people had left before taking photos of a few of the projects. Unfortunately most of them are better than mine so I'm not sure I should show you, but I will anyway...

My humble offering...

I really love this one by Alexandra who was a little obsessed with bicycles. She did quite a lot with the flocking technique which has worked really well.

This one by Bella has a very contemporary feel, loving the colours and the simple prints.

This is one of those prints that you wish you had come up with. Caroline has taken the idea of lace and cutting through, and has actually burnt small holes in the above print, in keeping with her theme- not sure if you can see it in the photo.

Loving the colours of Kat's prints. I only wish I could show you just how much she did. I don't think there was a time I walked through the print room without seeing her there!! True dedication (although probably helps if you like print!)

A natural theme from Charlotte, another one who did zillions of experimental prints!

This was a really good idea from Danielle, she decided that her prints weren't for fashion or interiors, so adapted them and made little mock up notebooks and cards. I think they work really well.

Another Danielle here who took her idea from travel, postcards, stamps etc. Many of her motifs are drawings from postcards she collected.

I think these prints are really cute from Gemma, a combination of wildlife and scenery in quite earthy colours. Reminds me of a gentleman's study.

Not sure who these belong too, but I still quite like them.

A very gothic one below from Hannah, lots of bleached watery backgrounds which have worked really well.

Lots of camera obsession here from Jessica- again quite a lot of flocking work which really makes you want to reach out and touch it.

A massive purple explosion from Lorna. She started out collecting quaint little things like broaches and jewellery, and moved on to her own obsessions of all things purple, combining the two in lovely mad prints!

Next up is Ryan, who has to have a special mention because he specifically asked for it. His idea was to do with drugs, and the left hand image shows his mood board with his initial ideas and inspirations.

 Not entirely sure what happened to the colour here, I think my camera went into overdrive and couldn't cope with all the red-ness. Still, you get the idea of the pattern with the pill bottle and tablet motifs.

 Finally, my last print image is from Stephanie with gorgeous butterflies!!

I thought I would also slip in (as a special treat) some of the Mixed Media finals, the image below may show some recognisable samples as they are from Claire who I have featured a few posts ago.

This is a kind of circle crazy project from Freya- they look like they could be directly translated onto interior fabrics, I'm already imagining them as my curtains!!

And finally, from Rosanna, I think this project was based on jewellery- I really like the pleated one on the right.

So I hope you enjoyed that, although there were loads of photos, I actually only have a few people's work and I would personally give them all A*s!!!!

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