Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Print Roundabout

I have decided that some people are just not natural screen printers. I am one of these, I have never found it so hard to go into work, but I can't get up any real enthusiasm for going into the print room.

The below image shows how my screen was exposed and how the images were laid out. Obviously if I only want to use one image then I will tape the rest off whilst doing the printing.

My favourite image is still the jay, and I have been experimenting with ways to present it on the page- also looking at the backgrounds and the patterns I can make. I do like the image on the left with the double print.

I have also been playing around with joining up my branches to make a long chain.

I have also just started playing around with my robin, and do quite like the randomness of the position and angle of the robins. I am going to experiment with putting the background on afterwards to see if it makes any difference- although I do like the creamy white behind.

Some pages in my sketchbook where I am working out possible patterns.

 Some cut through pages in my sketchbook.

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