Monday, 29 August 2016

Sunset Mountains

What gorgeous weather we have had lately!! With the exception of yesterday which was a bit drab, dismal and wet- it had to be as we were having a family party outside, the weather was not on our side! The majority of weather has been fabulously hot and sunny, although has anyone else been noticing that the nights are drawing in faster and faster? A reminder that we are in fact in late Summer, and on the downwards slope to Winter.

Blue skies keep me cheerful, and I am working on a commission which I'm sure the commissioner won't mind me showing you. My brief for this stitchscape was 'sunset', 'mountains' and 'flowers'. So far I have the mountains finished and am well on the way to finishing the sunset, then it's all about the flowers which will spring up in the foreground to add some hot, summery colour to the misty blues.

I am still really loving these stitches and finding new ways to follow the fabrics and see where it leads me. This one is being done in a 20cm hoop so is one of my larger ones- I just couldn't fit all these glorious colours in a smaller hoop! I will show you the finished piece soon hopefully and you can let me know what you think.

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