Saturday, 13 August 2016

Undoing Lavender Fields

I'm feeling in a purple frame of mind at the moment. Many of the flowers in the garden are different shades of purple and they're so pretty. Walking along the path in the front garden we have to brush past a very enthusiastic Lavender bush which releases the most beautiful scent and a cloud of drunken Bees every single time. One of the ladies I work with brought an enormous bag of Lavender into my office at the beginning of the week and the fumes(!) I can't even describe to you they were so heady. We did eventually have to remove the bag into a better ventilated space as it started to get a little Lavender-hazy in there but it did smell lovely.

It's of little wonder to me then that this inspiration has filtered down and onto my hoop, as my latest stitchscape is based around the view of a Lavender field. As I mentioned in my previous post though I am struggling slightly with this one which I think is down to some colour choices as I can pin point the moment I stopped loving the embroidery.

With this piece I started with my tree, following the lines of a beautiful batik fabric to create texture in the bark and following it up with my customary French knots and Bullion knots. The sky filled in partway through the tree as I wanted to try and blend the background into the foreground and create a slight breezy movement. The rows of Lavender are being created with Bullion knots and I think it is the citrus green colour that has caused me to pause and reevaluate this piece. I shall cut it out and see what I can do to rectify it.

Green is such an important colour I think, and one wrong colour choice really throws out an entire piece. I shall have to go shopping for some new green threads to try and get the right shades. What do you think?

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