Thursday, 28 September 2017

Autumn Colours

The colours are really starting to change on the trees now, the yellows, ambers and reds are really starting to pop in the garden and on the morning commute. I love this time of year because of the colours that appear as Mother Nature wraps an autumn cloak around her charges.
Our Chinese Lanterns have really done us proud this time. Clearly it is a plant that will not be rushed and likes to produce lanterns at its own pace, and we have been impatiently watching it year on year as it produces more lanterns each time. The first couple of years were pretty dismal with no fruits at all, and we actually thought we had killed it off at one point. But as we left the pot to its own device, the plants got bigger and bigger with each season, and this year we have been treated to a veritable gaggle of lanterns! Each one big and bright and orange! I really love that lacy lantern where you can see the fruit inside and it sparked a bit of a debate in our household as to whether Chinese Lanterns are the same as Physalis (or Cape Gooseberry), and if you can eat them or not- do any of you know?

In The Grandmother's garden, the apples have mostly fallen from the trees now, with just a few clingers-on. She still has lots of different chilies in the greenhouse though, and although I'm not a hot spice lover, I do enjoy the way the upright chilies look like little gnome hats!
One of my ladies at work has been bringing in the most ENORMOUS apples from her tree at home for me. I have never seen bigger apples, some are quite literally the size of your face. The Mother and Brother have been collaborating on several delicious apple crumbles which are enjoyed by everyone in the family (and we have plenty of apples left! Yum!).
Of course all of this colours brings so much inspiration for autumnal themed stitchscapes, I just can't stitch fast enough to keep up with all of the ideas whirling around in my head. I have just finished another winter themed stitchscape which I will share with you at the weekend, and have already started the next one- it just never stops!

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