Monday, 30 July 2018

Eastbourne Seaside

Thanks to the beautiful weather, my Family were inspired to have an impromptu trip to Eastbourne seafront for a picnic tea a few days ago. It's funny after my last post where I mentioned how close we are to the Seven Sisters and that we come here often, when now I realise it's been ages since we came here! As we've all grown older and become independent with our own lives and responsibilities, it's harder to get everyone together and go out, but we were all available and just decided to go for it!

The tide was quite far out when we got there, revealing all of the rock pools and rippling sand. It's a nicer beach than Brighton which is mostly pebbles and crazed tourists, and there were a few people out dog walking, crabbing and trying to catch interesting things in nets with their children, or just getting sandy and wet!

We didn't go too far out as we hadn't really brought the right sort of clothing for messing around in rockpools, but spent a while on the sand taking photos of ourselves leaping around and making shadow shapes which we found hilarious.

There are so many fabulous textures on a beach- sand with little pebbles in, seaweed in various forms, shells, crusty barnacles, smooth rocks and rust, weather worn wood and footprints. They all give ideas for stitches and stitchscape layouts. I think I must see the world in terms of stitches- these images to me look like blanket stitch circles, french knot clusters, intense seed stitches, woven spider web stitch, colonial and bullion knots, drizzle stitches, couched fancy yarns, wide detached chain stitches.....

Or I'm just finally turning bonkers! I really loved these big rocks with their snazzy green hair dos. It was a really lovely family outing, and all the better for being unplanned!

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