Tuesday, 26 March 2013

African Flower Crochet

The crochet blanket madness has begun once more!! I knew it was a bad idea to go looking at crochet blanket designs. You may remember I came across this African flower pattern and instantly fell in love with it- I even had a flash of inspiration for the colour theme, very simple, just using creamy/white and a multi colour wool. The colours range from light to dark green with blue and purple mixed in-between. I love the little pops of random colour that sometimes appear in the flowers.

I think I have done quite a lot in the last two days, I am on my third row along (am working with a 12 hexagon width) and have nearly finished the current row. I have to work quite systematically to keep the colours flowing together.
Now for those of you interested in making your own African flower blanket- I have been incredibly organised and already written up a tutorial for you as I struggled to find one I liked when I was searching the web. So as always you can find that on the left hand side or click here! I've also included the 'joining as you go' method for those who don't want to sew it all together at the end.

I am not the only one who has been busy crocheting. The Mother has been making creations of her own- look at these gorgeous owl doorstops!! I'm not sure where she got the original pattern from, a magazine I think (will have to ask and check so you lovely people can have a go at that too). They start out looking like pebbles in my opinion but then when you start putting on the little faces....

There has been a great debate in my house as to whether the flower eyed owl looks better than the circle eyed owl. Anyone who wants to join in this debate is welcome- I think the flower eyed owl is winning at the moment.

I also forgot to mention in the last post about the scrim fabric postcard I got in the mail. It's absolutely beautiful and I think that is Tyvek in the middle there. Really lovely.

(By Annie)

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