Friday, 15 March 2013

Mail Crochet

I'm not sure I could live in a world without snail mail. I hope we don't go completely digital because then I couldn't get post like this!! Above are stars from The Mother, made for my Easter tree (which is currently non-existent because of the lack of suitable twig-lets!! Not enjoying living in a city at times like this.) And below is my Mini Crazy Patchwork from the lovely Julia.

Then this morning I heard a ploppity-plop coming from the front door and there was an innocent looking envelope lying on the mat. When I opened it up it was to an explosion of colour in the form of my Metal ATC returns!!

 (By Adrienne)                                               (By Liz)
(By Paula)
There have been a few little things being made at Sweetbriar too- one of my daffies has been turned into a broach on request of one of my uni tutors.
And it is so easily done! All you need is the daffodil pattern from Attic 24, a few leaves which are also suggested on the pattern (or you can chain as many stitches as you want and go up and down the length either side of the initial chain with double or half treble stitches.). Stitch the components together and add a safety pin to the back. Voila!!


And I have nearly finished my granny square blanket!! I am merely dancing along the edge now! I am thinking of making quite a hefty one to make the blanket bigger, so will just keep going until it looks right.


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