Sunday, 3 March 2013

Pretty Hanging Things

So I was tidying my room earlier and ticking off my list of jobs (trying to justify not doing uni work), and came across some half emptied parcels from The Mother with some lovely crocheted bits that just cried out to be made into something. The idea I came up with was to put them all together into hanging things!! So in the above photo, The Mother has made the gorgeous owl and the five little hearts, I added a few extras from my stash....and voila!

Looks great hanging up on my door although I'm not sure yet if he will stay there.

 Then of course, I was on a roll and there was still another half emptied box to go! So combining The Mothers pink hearts, and The Aunt's vintage crochet flowers along with a few stash bits...

A vintage looking pretty pretty hanging thing!!

All in all, a productive afternoon wouldn't you say? Even if it doesn't go towards my degree...

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