Thursday, 7 March 2013

Horrible Weather!!

(Above are the goodies from the latest 'Mummy' parcel!! Look how cute the little ornaments are!! They are soon to go onto my Easter tree when I make one...along with a few other cuties...There were also some chocolately goodies but they didn't last long enough to be photographed.)

Eurgh, isn't it disgusting outside? I had one of the worst 'rain moments' earlier on my way home from uni. There I was, innocently walking along the pavement, when along comes a car going at a million miles an hour, straight through a previously unnoticed deep puddle! Water all over me!!! It even went into my ear! Horrible!!
It's at times like this when you really have to shut the curtains, light some candles and get out the crochet!

This is one of my first attempts at Attic24's crochet daffodil (the actual first attempt got stolen by a housemate to send to her mother...) I plan to make many more when I have handed in the latest uni project, although I think I will have to work on my yarn colours, currently it looks like a fried egg!!

There have also been lots of last minute, late at night ATC making...

Blue ones!

 Metal ones!

And finally I don't think I showed you the mini crazy patchwork quilt I made a few weeks ago. I forgot to photograph it in my haste to get it posted so the lovely Linda scanned it in for me.

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