Monday, 11 March 2013

Daffodils & Turtles

Ahhh, look at that. That is a blissful afternoon in a photo!! I handed in my Purvaai project this afternoon so am feeling good about the world (photos of my work and some of the girls' to follow in the next few posts- very picture heavy I warn you now!!).

I am making a daffodil empire at the moment as there is a spark of an idea for a daffodil covered Easter tree...not sure how that would work but you can never have too many crochet daffodils!!

The creativity in this house at the moment is astounding. Look at these cute turtles that Tash has made for her sister!! Aren't they sweet? My fav is the green one I have to admit.

In other news there has been very exciting post!! My blue ATC returns!! Aren't they pretty? I do love these colour themed cards, the ideas people come up with!!

(By Alison)

(By Wendy)                                                  (By Becky)

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