Monday, 11 March 2013

Purvaai & CAMAC

Now then, you know me, I like to treat you all. So here are some up and coming designers from my Mixed Media class. There are two project briefs being handed in here- Purvaai which is the one I have done, and a wallpaper coverings brief from CAMAC.

 These lovely cushions (including the top one) are by Abbey Talbot. (Below is her moodboard)

I love the combination of parrots and flowers in this project by Amber Gargan. Look at the little cheeky chappy!

A very painterly project here by Bella-Roshni Darbar.

A hugely intricate and lacy project from Kat Lawrence.


A very pretty project- almost looks like something out of country life!! By Katy Rickles.

A spaceship inspired wallpaper project by the lovely Megan Evans.


You could keep looking at this wallpaper and find things you didn't realise were there- I was looking at it for ages!! By Nina Willsher.

A project inspired by rope and sea creatures. Loving the light blue cushion!! By Steph Randall.

And finally...

A woodland looking one by Stephanie Bonner.

You can't say I don't spoil you!!

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