Saturday, 21 June 2014

Getting Ready For ND

I have been a bit preoccupied of late, writing mental lists of everything I have to do to get ready for New Designers (the tutors kind of gloss over all the hard work that you have to do when encouraging you to pitch to go!). However, as of this morning, I can cross off another job to do- making my promotional packs!! These packs are for important people (possibly those offering jobs or work experience) and include my CV, personal profile, postcard, business cards, a page of images of my work and a compliment slip. I'm not entirely sure how many we have to make, so I might have gone a little overboard in my attempt to not be caught out- not that I'm expecting many business/industry type people to want me- so have made 20.

The envelopes are called pouchettes, and have been adapted from a design I found on the internet, then hand cut, scored and folded by me. The text on the front was printed last night using my little letter stamps that The Mother gave me, and all of the contents were hand cut or hand folded, with the final flourish being a sticker on the back and tied like a present with different weights and widths of ribbon. So really hand made!! (I think subconsciously I am trying to portray that I have the patience to sit and make 20 of these little parcels, and also to show how I like to do as much as I can by hand.

They are actually quite heavy so it should be fun getting them to London on Monday. The plan of action is to transport everyone's work and the display items on the Monday, set everything up on the Tuesday, Wednesday is for the judges and the private view and then Thursday to Saturday it is open to the public. Would you like to come? It is cheaper to pre-book online although you will have to get your skates on for that! The website is here, and it would be fantastic to see you!!

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