Wednesday, 25 June 2014


I know I am getting repetitive and not showing you anything new, but I hope you will bear with me for a little longer. Today was the first open day of the New Designers show- although not open for the general public. Today was for judges, press and special people invited to the private preview evening. Sadly De Montfort didn't win any awards although there was a lot of interest, but some of the girls have already been selling pieces of their work to some fantastic companies! (All a bit hush hush at the moment.) The stand looked much better this morning after being hoovered and all the bits tidied away.

If you haven't been to New Designers before, let me tell you now, it is HUGE!!! The photo below only shows one room on one level, there is a level below this and lots of rooms around the edge and to the side, and another level somewhere above those (it is a bit of a maze to be honest). Can you spot my work in the photo?

There it is! Tucked away in the corner.

I did mention that this place is HUGE, didn't I?

We arrived this morning at about 8.30am and didn't leave until 9.00pm!! It was a loooooong day of standing around waiting for people to talk to you or finding the right person to pounce on and talk to them! Tomorrow, Friday and Saturday will pretty much be more of the same, except that it is open to the public and you lot can come and see me!! Do come, it will be fabulous!!

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