Monday, 23 June 2014

Our London Residence

This post is mainly for The Mother so I do apologise if it is kind of boring. Today has mostly been spent travelling and dragging around a heavy suitcase on the London underground. It's so muggy in the smog city!! A weird kind of wet muggy-ness as well, very different to Leicester. Myself and the other New Designer girls have all had to find our own accommodation, and 12 of us have rented two six bed apartments- they are surprisingly swish!!

It's self catered and we have all sorts of modcons hiding behind the cupboard doors- a dishwasher, washing machine, fridge, freezer.... Ah, living the high life!

The view isn't that pretty I have to admit, although I do quite like the blue glass in the building opposite and there is an allotment around the corner...

Elvis has been settling in. Making himself at home, drinking coffee, lounging in the posh chair, checking out the bedrooms...

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