Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Home Grown

Ahh, another cracking start to the day. Nothing better than going out into the (sort of) sunshine and freshly picking your breakfast from the bush! I actually discovered a whole new area of raspberries as well this morning so that is even better! Washed and teamed with some (shop bought) grapes- fabulous!

I also realised that the bush the raspberries were leaning on was a Hydrangea!! Possibly two Hyrdrangeas as there is a pink on and a white one. I will have to take some cuttings before I leave- you know what I'm like with these plants, my current plant obsession. There were lots of ladybugs on them too for some reason.

The Sister's blanket is steadily growing- a hefty chunk of it was done yesterday afternoon as my housemate is addicted to the World Cup Series (football- I just don't understand it) and we are having to watch all of the matches.

And randomly, I was pootling around Facebook this morning and came across some photos that were taken at the Degree show of the designers and their work by the official DMU photographer. Do you remember Claire Smith? She has specialised in Printed Textiles now and just makes the most beautiful patterns.

And we also have Amber Gargan who is with me in Mixed Media Textiles. Isn't that piece on the right gorgeous? Ribbon stitched flowers with the most amazing sparkly buttons in the middle.

And me!!! (In my trainers!)

I think the funniest bit is how we are all wearing clothes that fit in with the colour palette of our projects. Strange how the subconscious works like that.

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