Friday, 27 June 2014

New Talent!

(Ange Sewell)

Evening All!! I hope you have had a fabulous day today!! I finally plucked up the courage to properly walk around ND and collect the cards and information for my favourites. I thought you might be interested to see them too! As there are so many I have split them up so the following designers will all be textile related and then the next post will be Design Crafts, Glass and Ceramics. None of the photos I put up on this post are mine, they all belong to the designers so do pop over to their pages or get in contact with them if you see something you love. 

First up, the top image is for Ange Sewell, a very talented 'weaver, spinner and fibre experimenter.' She has a website called Weft Blown, which includes a blog, portfolio, contact details etc- everything you need to fall in love with her work! 

Another weaver is Lauren Hart. I just love her use of colour! She is a graduate of Loughborough University, who have a page about her you can visit for more information, and she has sent me a link for her website which has fantastic photos of her work. Find it here.

Moving on to some print people, I loved the prints of Sara Sault. Her plates are so sweet! She has a fab blog you can follow too called Sault Studio.

I LOVE this girl's work!! Lauren Thomas has a very painterly approach, and to top it all off, embroiders on top of her prints! Check her out via her Facebook page.

Lottie Small has beautiful felted work. I loved her (touchable!) felted book. She has a Facebook page and a Pinterest page for you to follow!

I found this designer's work really interesting. I really want to know how she did her stitched circles! I'm guessing she programmed an embroidery machine, but didn't pluck up the courage to ask. She has a fab website with all of her details on, so go and check out Katy Taylor.

Ellie Young is really interesting with her use of colour and embellishment. She also has a website with all of her details on that I recommend a visit to!

Something slightly different now in that these aren't really what I would call textile pieces. But they are amazing! The photoshoot of Romina Barile's embellishment pieces are really beautiful and you should definitely go over and have a look at her website.

The quality of this image isn't great (that's what you get for borrowing off the Internet) but hopefully it is enough to encourage you to visit Angela Kohn's website!

Again, not a great image (not my fault this time) but should hopefully encourage you over to Helen Bailey's website page to see more of her amazing weaves.

I can't get any images for this designer but her webpage is totally amazing- Lydia Hannah Reed!

I thought this was a very interesting entrant to ND- very different from all of the other works. And the designer behind it is Laura Manley!

A few other interesting designers that I would like to mention but don't have images for are:

Laura Douglas- Womanswear Print
Hannah Watson- Constructed Textiles
Elizabeth Abrahamsen- Printed Textiles
Mary Grace Locke- Surface Textiles designer
Nicola Balakian- Knitted Textiles
Sanya Julianna
Soma Doyle- Surface Pattern & Mixed Media Textiles
Navneet Kharod- Embroidered Textiles
Beth Reed- Textile & Surface Design
Alexandra James- Woven Textiles
Lisa Elizabeth- Surface Pattern Designer


  1. Thankyou for the mention, i just stumbled across your page!
    your very kind, i can forward some images if this helps!
    thanks for including me in your blog!

  2. I chanced upon your blog when flicking through some ND things.
    Thank you for mentioning me on your blog. I'm glad you liked my work!
    Check out my artsthread account for images etc.
    or marygracelocke on instagram
    Mary Locke

  3. Hi Mary, I have added your artsthread link to your name. Thank you for commenting. =D x

  4. Thanks for kindly featuring my work! I've just come across your site after getting back into work mode :)

  5. Thank you for the feature!!! :D Only just seen it! xx