Saturday, 23 June 2012

ATC Overview

As you know, I am planning on condensing my two blogs back down to one because although I like having a blog dedicated solely to ATCs, I don't do enough to really justify it, plus you guys miss out on a load of my work!! However, if I get rid of that blog then the photos on the Internet go as well!! So I am going to give you an overview to get you back in the loop- before I do, nip to the loo, boil the kettle for some tea, grab a biscuit (or two) and find a comfy spot- this could take a while!!
Righto, so: Leaf Swap...

 (By yours truly)

 (From left to right: Alison, Hazel, Susan)

 (From left to right: Sue, Lorraine, Hilary)

Frayed Fabrics:

 (By Me!)

 (By Alison, Annie, Lorraine)

My Birthday:

 (Made by the Mother as a present for me on my 19th Birthday)

Angel Triptych:

 (By Me)

 (By Sue)

 (By Alison)

(By Hazel)

Leaf/Tree Postcards:

 (By Me- named Sunset Silhouettes)

 (By Annie, Jean)


 (By Bobbie, Hazel, Susan)

 The Mother's ATCs:



 (By Hilary, Susan, Becky)

Colours of Autumn:

 (Both the above sets are mine as I wasn't sure about the first lot so made some more!)

 (By Linda, Susan, Wendy)


 (Mine- made with Shrinkies!! Now that was fun!)

(By Susan, Paula)

 (By Sue)

Abstract Fabric Inchies:

 (Mine- I got carried away and made lots!!)

(By Sue, Wendy, Paula)

 (By Susan, Alison, Annie)

Cream/White Fabric Postcards:


 (By Annie, Becky)

  (By Paula)

Sheer Fabrics:

 (By Me)

 (By Annie, Becky, Julia)

Zig Zag Stitch:


 (By Annie, Sue, Wendy)


 (By Me)

 (By Wendy)

 (By Alison, Liz)

 (By Carol) 

 (By Sue)

Vintage Doors & Windows:


Not sure where the photos for my returns have gone- sorry!!

Snowflake Inchies:

Completely forgot to take photos of my inchies for this swap!

 (By Hazel, Mary- double sided!!)
 (By Wendy, Sue)

Embellished With Beads:

 (By Me)

 (By Liz, Wendy, Sue)

Wildflowers (Take Two!):

 (By Me- Can you tell??)

 (By Joyce, Alison, Becky)

Texture With String:


 (By Becky, Wendy, Sue)

Alphabet ATCs (This was done over a period of months, two letters per month- first up are the ones I made)

And now for the ones I got back in return:

 (By Bobbie, Sue, Amanda)
 (By Susan, Annie, Paula)
 (By Bobbie, Alison, Wendy)
 (By Amanda, Sue, Susan)
 (By Becky, Alison, Hazel)
 (By Annie, Becky, Wendy)
 (By Sue, Paula, Annie)
 (By Wendy, Hazel, Sue)
 (By Becky, Wendy)

A current project we are working on is a Rainbow Accordion Book. There are several rules, it has to be made from fabric paper, and has to follow certain colours of the rainbow- one each month. We have nearly finished, with July being the final month, and then all the pages will be sewn together. First up, I'll show you my pages.

 And these are the ones I have had so far...

 (By Alison, Hazel)
 (By Sue)
(By Annie)

Golly, I think this is the longest post I have ever done!! I hope you are still with me and haven't slid down your chairs into a puddle on the floor with exhaustion!! Before I leave you to recover, I have to show you these ATCs that arrived in the post today from Liz. They are for a poppy swap I am hosting (I'm also hosting Summer Fabric Inchies, and taking part in Vintage Kitchen, Beach Huts, By The Seaside and possibly some others- so lots going on!) and the textures are amazing! As soon as they arrived they were whipped out of their protective jackets to be stroked and drooled over- so pretty!!

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