Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Big 200 Giveaway!

I have realised, to my utter surprise, that I have just surpassed 200 blog posts!! Yes indeed! In fact- this post will be 208 so I am a little behind. But never mind, we will gloss over this little fact and pretend. So, to celebrate I am thinking of a free giveaway????? Anybody interested?? All you have to do is leave a comment below this post, with your name and a bit about you and in exactly one week's time I will put everybody's name in a hat and get the Mother to pick one to see who has won!!

I don't know what I will be putting into my little giveaway just yet, maybe some pretty fabrics, an elephant, some of the Mother's apples and pears???? Hmm, decisions decisions!! Good luck to all who enter!


  1. Hello Beth! Lucy here! From uni! I henceforth enter myself!

    (Signing in through V old email address on GMAIL. Shame you have to have an account with a certian thing to be able to comment???)

  2. Hi Beth! Amy here. :)

    I wish to enter the giveaway!! Cos I just love you that much. ;)

    A bit about myself, as requested above: I am very much looking forward to our trip to London town on Thursday. :) xxx

  3. Hello Beth,

    I would like to to be entered into this competition please.

    About me...I study Marine Biology at uni and like to scuba dive.


  4. Hello again Beth,

    I would also like to be entered.

    I love attending your arts and crafts sessions and would like to win an elephant.

    Katie xxx

  5. Bonjour Beth,

    Looking forward to arts and crafts tomorrow :] As a regular-ish comment-er do I get two entries :p?
    I kid, I kid.
    About me, hmm... I'm pretty ordinary. When I went to the interview for that blog competition I told you about ages they asked me what made me special and I couldn't think of anything to say :(, that may well have been one of the reasons I didn't get the job.
    But that is off topic...
    I'm Suzanne, (Suzzy or Suz to most people) I enjoy blabbering on about obscure topics, learning about said obscure topics to bore my long suffering friends, cooking ( although not the disasters that seem to unfold from this), reading, travelling and experiencing new things.
    I harbor a secret ambition to be a sewing machine and crafting Queen but I lack creative imagination and so my abilities are limited to cushions and hemming/altering dresses and trousers which are too long for me. Alas.

    Lots of Love,


  6. hi beth.
    debbie (flipdoodle) here. i know you from the mixed media ATC swapping group. i think i have one of your cards from the wild flower swap - are you beth power?
    i have only recently started crafting & am loving the ATC swaps.
    i'm enjoying reading your blog & i love your elephants (and your mum's apples & pears)
    from debbie x