Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Elephant Craft Sesh

Welcome! Welcome!! Glad you could make it! Help yourselves to a biscuit.We are having a party in dotty land today because it is the lovely Amy's birthday!!! You have met Amy (the one in the parrot print top) before of course at several of the craft sessions- making hamsters and fabric paper etc. We actually started the birthday celebrations yesterday when a group of workshop goers arrived on the doorstep to learn how to make the little felt elephants.

It went really well, with most of the basic stitches already learnt from the hamsters. The concentration was still quite intense at times though.

 There were a few other projects on the go too- a giant pom pom which was left over from the pom pom making workshop..and I was working on the hexes- a really lovely thing to do in the sunshine, surrounded by flowers, chocolate brownies and brightly coloured felts!

You want to see the finished results?? It caused much excitement!

I am also, as a birthday treat for you all, going to draw up the pattern for these little elephants and put it in the tutorials section (in the left hand column) with a photo guide to help you along. I will let you know when that is available- for now though, don't forget to enter yourselves in my Big 200 Giveaway!!!

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