Sunday, 3 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Did any of you watch the celebrations and happenings on the Thames today? I thought Queen Liz and her family looked fabulous, despite the horrible (truly British) weather. Her and Philip did extremely well to be standing for the entire time too!! Very proud. Do you all have your bunting up? We put ours up yesterday, although it has now been moved from the position it is in in the photos as my Dad didn't like the placement, so after a lot of fuss and attaching of string, and threading through upstairs windows, it is now proudly waving strung out between the two upstairs windows.

I started the day in true British style with scones and jam. Not technically breakfast food I know, but by the time I got up it wasn't really breakfast time anymore- so this was more of elevenses. (I went to bed really late last night after trying to mend my laptop- still not mended though!!!)

And after a day's hard work sitting in front of the television watching the eager, albeit somewhat bedraggled, crowds stand for hours in the freezing cold pouring rain, what better way to finish off the day with some crochet, a mug of hot chocolate and some choccy biscuits!!
Whilst crocheting, it did occur to me that the blanket I am making for my brother is in very patriotic colours of red, white and blue!! (I have had to put it on the table to photograph as I am running out of places that it will lie flat in its entirety- apologies for the flash too, the lighting isn't fantastic in my house)
Would you like some updates on my mammoth project? I have been working very hard on it lately! It is now 50 colour stripes long, and I reckon that to get it to the right length I need around 40/50 more. However, slight snag in that the wool is running out fast, and most of the colours came from the Button Boutique in Leicester. So we are now going with the theory that it will be as long as the bundles of wool will allow!

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