Friday, 1 June 2012

Pottering Around

Eurgh, not meaning to start this post with a negative point, but I still feel terrible- and my stuffy nosed, sore throat illness has now been added to by aches and pains from last night's stoolball game! Whoever said that exercise makes you feel better, was obviously mistaken!! I didn't do too bad though, 19 runs, bowled someone out, had several catches off my bowling- quite good really for my first game of the season!
So I have decided to dedicate the rest of the afternoon to sitting in a chair, swaddled in my brother's half finished blanket, looking up interesting things on the web- before I do, however, I shall share with you some images from this morning's pottering. Into the garden we go!!

There is quite a blaze of colour outside, although it looks much prettier in the sun which will insist on hiding behind the clouds at regular intervals, with the constant threat of 'will it rain, will it not rain???' I heard that this weekend (the Jubilee for people who haven't yet realised this) was going to be terrible weather-wise, a great shame for her Maj with everything planned. Fingers crossed that the rain will hold off for a bit longer!

Ahh, don't you just love the clematis plant? The colours, the wide inviting petals, the spiky bit in the middle...!

Our lawn is just full of daises!

My strawberries are doing well too. This is the third season for some, and second season for others (we had to replant some last year as a few didn't make it through the winter. Look! My first strawberry of the year!! Mmmm, so juicy and sweet and warm from the sun!! Scrumptious!

Even Ziggy wanted to join me in my potterings- he may have had an ulterior motive of a five minute tummy rub though...

Now, these roses...they are actually in next door's garden, but peep over the fence right outside the front door so whenever you leave you get a face full of these velvety red petals. Gorgeous!

And Dad seems to be a bit addicted to pansies. We have many, in many colours and shades. See for yourself...

Speaking of addictions- do you remember waaaay back in December, when I was talking about my Mum making apples and pears? Well, she still has the bug and our collection has grown massively!!

I shall select a few for you for closer perusal. Here we have some oranges...

...some apples... (which remind me very much of Natural Trust Houses, not sure why- the colours I think)

 ...and the pears I showed you the other day. They have been moved to sit on our shoe rack (in my lovely Glazy Daisy bowl!!) in the hallway to add decoration to the entrance.
Mum has also started thinking about collections, so here we have the black and white collection...

 ...and inspired by the forthcoming weekend events, the Jubilee collection.

She has just finished a commission for some Jubilee fruits.

 My favourite are the pears. They are such a nice shape!! Note the little solider ribbon tags on the stalks. They were sourced by moi (so were the fabrics come to think of it) from the Button Boutique in Leicester. Although if I remember correctly, they also sell entire reels of the ribbon in Nova Trimmings....

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