Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Come Round For Cake & Enjoy The Garden

Hello, hello, hello!! Welcome All! Do come in, we are sitting in the garden today so come through the kitchen and pick up some banana cake on your way. Would you like a shady or sunny patch to sit in? Gorgeous weather we are having at the moment, must make the most of it!

I forgot to show you in my last post about Nymans Garden the little purchases I made in the gift shop. Lots of lovely postcards (love a pretty postcard, they get stuck up on my bedroom wall and provide endless amounts of inspiration) and a new stony friend called Ted!

Ted the owl to be precise. Isn't he cute? Has a very cheeky tilt to his head I think, and very piercing eyes. Just how an owl should be!

Loving the aquilegia at the moment too, especially if you are looking up at the petals towards the sky, such a beautiful translucency to them- you can see every little detail.

(The below photo shows the more 'natural' part of the garden where flowers and plants are free to do what they want- a real wildlife haven!)

I'm rounding this post off with a teaser montage based on my current secret project. Now the good people who have liked and follow my facebook page have been having the whole photos and regular updates so if you would like to be kept more informed about this project then please follow Dotty Textiles on facebook! (Link also in sidebar). If you don't have facebook then I'm afraid you will have to hang on a bit longer until the big blog reveal!!!

Can you guess what the project is??

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