Thursday, 20 June 2013

Yesterday & Today

Yesterday I ate the second and third strawberries from my strawberry crop. They were warm from the sunshine and deliciously sweet and juicy.

Yesterday I spent all day working in the sunshine on a new stitchy project, well into the evening where it stayed light and warm for hours!

Today the weather is not as nice! It is overcast, gloomy and spits with rain every so often...

...nevertheless, I drank mocha on the back steps (it would have been coffee but we've run out of sugar and coffee without sugar is yuck!) listening to the birds in the calm of the morning. The doves and pigeons coo coo-ing, the jackdaws fighting over the bird feeders a few doors down, blackbirds singing and sparrows squabbling.

Today all was peaceful in the garden.

Today I finished yesterday's stitchy project, adding a few beaded flourishes and French knot enhancements. I'm thinking of making lots of different ones and making prints or gift cards to sell- do you think anyone would be interested in buying them?

I hope so!

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  1. Oh lucky you! The luxury of being able to stitch day after day........