Monday, 24 June 2013

Forget Me Not

Good Afternoon, good afternoon, good afternoon!!!! How are we all? Splendiferous I hope. Unfortunately the weather hasn't improved much since my last post so I hope the following photos aren't too dark, I would wait for some sunshine but goodness knows when the next little ray will be!! (And I do so want to show you my newest creation!)

This stitchy sampler has taken me longer than the first one did, probably due to the myriad of distractions I had along the way. But last night it was finally finished!!! Are you ready?


What do you think?

I used quite a variety of stitches in this piece, the letters are in the regular back stitch, then the flowers are either little stitches using thin ribbons, or detached chain stitches, with either French knot or beaded centres. The stems are twisted chain stitch and then the little buds are bullion knots.

I have been wandering around on the t'internet looking at stitched flowers and such for inspiration- and I came across the most delightful pieces by the very talented Sarah of Sarah Edgar Designs. The pieces that particularly caught my eye are similar in a way to what I have been doing in the hoop although I fear that hers may be lovelier (silently decides to put the pattern on the birthday list and have a go at her designs myself!). She is a very organised lady by the looks of things, and has a facebook page, a website, a blog and an etsy shop! All of which are worth visiting for the pure eye candy!! I have sneakily borrowed some of her photos to entice you all into her lair...


  1. Looks really nice Beth!
    Suzzy x

  2. Thank you so much for sharing my work Beth. I love the detail on your embroidery and the ribbon flowers are just gorgeous! Thank you once again, Sarah xo

  3. Love these beth, such cute and pretty pieces! Love how much detail has been put into them!
    Pipp xx