Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sewing In the Rain

Is this summer? Friday was the longest day of the year but I'm not sure the weather truly celebrated it in style- and of course this means we are now on the countdown to autumn/winter without actually having a long period of beautiful weather!! Still, us Brits are hardy folk and usually try to ignore the grey skies and pelting rain- unlike my family who prefer to go up to Firle Beacon and watch the weather move over the Downs!!
Of course, I have introduced you to Firle Beacon before, last year in August for an evening trip, and earlier on in the same year during May. Each time we go there is something slightly different about it (although the wind and view is pretty constant!); this time it was luscious and green, but overcast and very wet!!

The light was pretty good though considering the blackened clouds- one of the reasons The Mother wanted to go so she could work on a small sewing project and actually see what she was doing. I took my current project too...

It needs a few more flowers, maybe in a more purpley colour? And some little leafy buds but hopefully it should turn out ok. I'm looking forwards to the finished piece!

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